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Vertrauen und Fremdheit/Vertrautheit

Reading by Zafer Şenocak followed by a discussion with Nina Doejen and Florian Kappeler. Moderator: Katharina Kalthoff.

The writer Zafer Şenocak (Berlin), born in Ankara and raised in Munich, reads from his works Das Fremde, das in jedem wohnt and then talks with Nina Doejen and Florian Kappeler about how language can generate trust and distrust. In German in particular, familiarity and trust are associated with each other - and thus implicitly opposed to foreignness. But can't trust also emerge from processes of strangeness and alienation?

A cooperation of the LOCH with the research group "Doing Trust in the Era of Crises and Catastrophes" (Bergische Universität Wuppertal) and the Literaturhaus Wuppertal.

The reading takes place as a kick-off event for the workshop Trust - Crisis - Catastrophe III: Practices in LOCH WUPPERTAL. Address: Plateniusstraße 35, 42105 Wuppertal

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